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Estate Planning and Will Drafting

Every winning team needs a thorough and thoughtful game plan. An estate plan is a strategy any person can develop to provide for loved ones in their absence and may ensure that final property and health care wishes are honored. A thoughtful estate plan can resolve many legal issues concerning your family and property. In addition, estate plans can provide instructions concerning your business and personal obligations, including taxes.

It is important to remember that an estate plan should be tailored to your unique circumstances. An estate plan may include any one, some or all of the following documents: a Last Will and Testament, a Power of Attorney, a Health Care Proxy, a Deed of Guardianship, one or more Intervivos Trusts or Testamentary Trusts, a Pre-nuptial Agreement and documents geared to pass on your business, such as Buy-Sell Agreements and certain Partnership Agreements.

Last but not least, carefully tailored estate plans can and should concern themselves with non-legal considerations, such as minimizing family discord after one passes on.

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