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Taxation and Tax Controversy

Albert Einstein once said, “The hardest thing to understand is the income tax.” One may add that taxes for property, employment and sales are also very difficult to understand.

Whether you are interested in forming a corporation or partnership, you are an individual desiring to defend yourself against an overreaching Internal Revenue Service or whether you represent a business who wishes to appropriately comply with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, it may be beneficial to seek out advice or services from a thoughtful attorney who is well-informed on taxation issues. The Law Office of Antar P. Jones is prepared to advise and to service individuals, corporations, partnerships, not-for-profit entities concerning their Federal, state and local taxation issues.

Often, the taxes intended to be imposed by Federal and state governments are the greatest expenses an individual or entity may have. Whether an individual or entity shall be taxed concerning a specific matter is often the deciding factor as to whether an individual or entity will undertake or forgo important projects. Relying on a considerate and thorough tax opinion drafted by a skilled tax attorney may be prudent. 

For these reasons, finding the appropriate attorney to handle your compliance, business planning or tax controversy matters is extremely important! Call the Law Office of Antar P. Jones at (718) 636-2270 and find out how Antar may help you.

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