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Estate Planning
Every winning team needs a thorough and thoughtful game plan. An estate plan is a strategy any person can develop to provide for loved ones in their absence and may ensure that final property and health care wishes are honored. A thoughtful estate plan can resolve many legal issues concerning your family and property. In addition, estate plans can provide instructions concerning your business and personal obligations, including taxes.
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Probate Proceedings
Efficient and effective administration of a loved one’s Estate or Trust will help minimize the time, headache and money needed to transfer wealth from a deceased person to his or her loved ones.
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For most people, to sell, purchase, develop or lease residential or commercial real estate is almost always an emotional, involved and life-changing event. The sale, purchase or lease of real estate may require the resolution of many complicated legal and non-legal issues—many of which are not clearly discernable.
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Business Formation
Planning a business often involves many challenging legal questions. Should  the business operate as a Sole Proprietorship, a C Corporation, an S Corporation, a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) or a Partnership is a question any prospective business owner will have to consider. That question will affect how the business is owned, by whom it is owned, who is responsible or liable for claims against the business and how and to which extent the business is taxed by Federal, state and local governments.
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Whether you are interested in forming a corporation or partnership, you are an individual desiring to defend yourself against an overreaching Internal Revenue Service or whether you represent a business who wishes to appropriately comply with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, it may be beneficial to seek out advice or services from a thoughtful attorney who is well-informed on taxation issues. The Law Office of Antar P. Jones is prepared to advise and to service individuals, corporations, partnerships, not-for-profit entities concerning their Federal, state and local taxation issues.
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