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Business Formation and Governance

Planning a business often involves many challenging legal questions. Should  the business operate as a Sole Proprietorship, a C Corporation, an S Corporation, a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) or a Partnership is a question any prospective business owner will have to consider. That question will affect how the business is owned, by whom it is owned, who is responsible or liable for claims against the business and how and to which extent the business is taxed by Federal, state and local governments.

New businesses will also have to consider whether Federal, state or local governments will require it to obtain various types of licenses. In addition, every new business owner will need to determine an appropriate location for his or her new business. Such a decision may involve negotiating a lease, hiring architects and contractors and the like. Accordingly, the new business owner may have to negotiate complicated and costly contracts.

The existing business may have similar considerations. In addition, an existing business will have to comply with the laws relevant to its entity classification.  Some businesses will have to consider international issues, as well.

All of the above considerations will affect the profitability of the business and the quality of life for its owners, members, employees and agents.

Because of these challenging considerations, an owner of a prospective, new or even an established business should consider discussing his or her operations with a thoughtful attorney. Doing so may actually save the business owner considerable time, energy and money in the long run.

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